Basic Science Knowledge Retention Depends on Perceived Relevance to Clinical Medicine

This study looked at a cohort of students in their undergraduate years of medical education who were increasingly exposed to clinical, cased-based learning exercises.  Participants in the study were distributed over the M2 to M5 years of their education, and were given assessments testing basic science knowledge.  Participants were also instructed to rate each question based on their perception of its relevance to clinical medicine.  The outcomes showed that, especially in the later years of education,  “perceived clinical relevance was significantly and positively correlated with item performance”  and retention of the material.- Lee Ann Schein, Ph.D.

Malau-Aduli BS, Lee AYS, Cooling N, Catchpole MJ, Jose M, Turner R. Retention of knowledge and perceived relevance of basic sciences in an integrated case-based learning (CBL) curriculum. BMC Medical Education 2013, 13:139 (8 October 2013)

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