To Take The Formative Assessment Or Not?

This study investigates why students choose to (or not to) use on-line formative assessments before taking a summative exam.  Students who took the assessments did so in order to accomplish 3 goals:  to understand expectations for the summative exam in terms of content and form, to see what course material they have already mastered, and to assess what topics they still need to learn.  Reasons for not taking the formative assessments were more unclear.  However, the authors saw a correlation between the formative assessment not be representative of the summative exam and students not participating in the formative assessment. – Lee Ann Schein, Ph.D.

De Kleijn RA, Bouwmeester RA, Ritzen MM, Ramaekers SP, Van Rijen HV. Students’ motives for using online formative assessments when preparing for summative assessments. Med Teach. 2013 Sep 20.

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