Medical Students Are Participating In Handoffs, Too.

Authors report results of a survey regarding medical students’ experience with handoffs during their third year clerkships (79% response rate). Overall, 58% of students reported participating in handoffs, such as updating a written signout. Of note, 98% reported witnessing an error in written sign out, and 64% reported an error due to verbal handoffs. While most studies on handoffs have focused on residents, this paper raises important questions about whether, when, and how medical students should be trained and assessed in handoff skills. – Sarang Kim, MD

Arora, VM, Eastment, MC, Bethea, ED, Farnan, JM, Friedman, ES.  Participation and Experience of third-year medical students in handoffs: Time to sign out? J Gen Intern Med. 2013 Aug;28(8): 994-998.

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