10-12 Evaluations Are Needed To Reliably Assess Handoff Skills

Authors report the feasibility and psychometric properties of a new instrument to assess handoff skills using an iPAD app. The assessment tool was developed based on review of published instruments and recommended best practices. The results of this pilot study show that limited network connectivity and inability to locate the nighttime intern by the research assistant led to only 59% of possible evaluations being completed. The authors find that one would need to obtain 10 to 12 evaluations to allow for reliable assessment of handoff skills. More practical ways to collect evaluations would be useful, and data regarding validity of peer ratings for handoffs are needed before this tool is adopted.– Sarang Kim, MD.

Dine, CJ, Wingate N, Rosen, IM, Myers, JS, Lapin, J, Kogan, JR., Shea, JA.  Using peers to assess handoffs: a pilot study. J Gen Intern Med. 2013 Aug;28(8): 1008-1013.

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