Teaching Medical Error Disclosure to Physicians-in-Training: A Scoping Review

Pertinent to the safety culture, this review examines how we should teach medical students and residents to disclose errors to patients and families.  Most of the studied interventions were brief (1-3 hours) sessions, either stand-alone or part of a larger curriculum in patient safety or communication skills.  Role play was the most commonly used teaching technique, often in combination with other modalities such as lecture or video.  Most studies showed marked improvements in attitudes or test scores; five showed improvements in a structured assessment of disclosure skills, but none tracked retention of these skills over time. – Laura Willett, MD

Stroud L, Wong BM, Hollenberg E, Levinson W., Teaching Medical Error Disclosure to Physicians-in-Training: A Scoping Review. Acad Med. 2013 Jun;88(6):884-892.

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