Laboratory Exercises Based On TBL Model

Integrated laboratory classes (ILCs) have been shown to promote higher short and long term information retention in medical students than do conventional laboratory exercises.  ILCs are multi-discipline, small group cases designed to fit into an integrated medical school curriculum, using a Team Based Learning (TBL) model.  Each laboratory exercise is designed around parallel body systems and integrates problem based learning into the laboratory methodology.  The focus is on students working together with minimal instructor intervention to solve a case using hands on techniques such as reading lab results and doing assays.  ILCs encourage self-directed, active learning.—Lee Ann Schein, Ph.D.

Azer SA, Hasanato R, Al-Nassasr S, Somily A, AlSaadi MM. Introducing integrated laboratory classes in a PBL curriculum: impact on student’s learning and satisfaction. BMC Medical Education 2013, 13:71 (24 May 2013)

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