Formative Feedback

Students were given their summative exam results as blueprinted feedback, which mapped assessment items to learning objectives.  This type of formative feedback gave the students a more focused picture of their strengths and weaknesses in the material as opposed to just a numerical score of their performance.  This is also advantageous to the instructor since it enumerates which objectives were assessed and how well the students grasped the information.  Although 88-96% of the students viewed their feedback and rated this type of feedback as a 4.19 on a 5 point scale, only 39% used the feedback to direct further learning and correction. .—Lee Ann Schein, Ph.D.

Burr SA, Brodier E, Wilkinson S. Delivery and use of individualised feedback in large class medical teaching. BMC Medical Education 2013, 13:63 (3 May 2013)

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