All You Ever Wanted To Know About Admissions! Part 2

The current MCAT (Dunleavy et al) appears to have quite good ability to predict the likelihood of a medical student having “unimpeded progress” through medical school.  Unimpeded progress was defined as graduating within 5 years of entry and passing Step 1 and both Step 2 exams on the first attempt.  MCAT scores added additional predictive value to undergraduate GPA, particularly for lower GPAs.—Laura Willett, MD

Dunleavy DM, Kroopnick MH, Dowd KW, Searcy CA, Zhao X. The Predictive Validity of the MCAT Exam in Relation to Academic Performance Through Medical School: A National Cohort Study of 2001-2004 Matriculants. Acad Med. 2013 May;88(5):666-671.

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