Eradicating Medical Student Mistreatment: A Longitudinal Study of One Institution’s Efforts

Regarding an issue which has been pointed out at our institution, the David Geffen (UCLA) Medical School started a committee to reduce medical student mistreatment in 1995.  Reports of mistreatment have declined somewhat but remained at fairly high levels, particularly verbal abuse (reported by about 35% of students) and power abuse (reported about 25% of students).  An example of the latter is being influenced to deliver take-out food to scattered residents.  Residents and clinical faculty were the most commonly cited sources of mistreatment.—Laura Willett, MD

Fried JM1, Vermillion M, Parker NH, Uijtdehaage S., Eradicating medical student mistreatment: a longitudinal study of one institution’s efforts. Acad Med. 2012 Sep;87(9):1191-8.

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