Without A Grid, Clerkship Grades Are Uninterpretable

No news here.  This compendium of clerkship grades from 119 medical schools shows that grades are all over the map.  The percentage of students earning the top grade in a clerkship ranges from 2% to 93%. Schools have grading systems with anywhere from 2 (Pass/Fail) to 11 (A/A-/B+, etc.) tiers of grades.  Extra grading tiers seem to contribute to grade inflation:  97% of students end up with one of the three highest grades regardless of the number of tiers.  Fewer than 1% of students fail any clerkship. — Laura Willett, MD

Alexander EK, Osman NY, Walling JL, Mitchell VG.,Variation and imprecision of clerkship grading in U.S. medical schools., Acad Med. 2012 Aug;87(8):1070-6.

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